Saturday, 25 March 2017



I am not talking of 'Welsh Medievalism, Native Princes, Norman Barons or English Kings pre 1536. Neither am I talking of 'Religious Wales' be it of Druids, Vicars or Preachers, other than to expose 'Religious Nationalist' lies and falsehoods associated with Protestant Cambro - Brit blurring of the reality of the Welsh being won over to the Tudors creating of an 'English Protestant Identity' that has placed us in chains or should that be bed with the 'old enemy' since 1536. Neither does Cultural Nationalism interest me other than exposing it's lies and falsehoods perpetuated madly in 19th Century Liberal Capitalist Wales. Then in our times since a group of middle class Aberystwyth Students sat on Trefechan Bridge and dodged being patriotically drafted to occupy the Village of Capel Celyn aka 'Tryweryn Reservior' to resist it's destruction. Thus CyIG was born but future tru Patriotism and National struggle thrown out with the bath water. Taking the moral high road to their 'Cymric Dystopia' as a newly born and encriched 'Crachach Newydd' aka 'England's Client Tribe' and well rewarded at that as firmly entrenced in Media Wales, Universities and any number of grant supported Welsh Middle Class creations, not least in the Arts the defunct 'Cymru Cymraeg' preaching Class, Teachers and Piles of Pointless Poets et al


Why such an hard line, I recently spent a week in Dublin for the 100th Anniversary of the 1969 Easter Rising Commemoration, amongst much as attending parades, I visited four great Exhibitions:







All this got me thinking as to why the Irish for 100's of years fought so valiantly for their Freedom whilst as in 1916 whilst the Welsh gave up following the Glyndwr war of National Liberation or that is how it seems if you were taught Cambro - British History but that is not the complete truth  for Gwerin Owain outlaws contined to fight back as 'Social Bandits' right up to 1536 being finnally suppressed by the hanging judge Rowland Lee to pacify the people in readyness to press upon them the 1536 Act of Annexation. The truths of our history in this and further periods of our history can be found in the following blogs: